Perfect Fit Guarantee and Refund Policy


Each suit is made-to-measure exclusively for you.  The garment(s) you order should fit perfectly.  However, sometimes items may need to be adjusted. 

-Measurements that were completed via a Video Measuring Consultation with Fortune Suits are 100% covered by our perfect fit guarantee.

-Measurements that were provided directly by the client during order placement are also 100% covered by our perfect fit guarantee, but only if the measurements from the finished suit are +/- 12cm or more from the ordered measurements. 

1. Local tailor adjustments. 

  • Complete suit - $120
  • Separate jacket - $80
  • Separate trousers - $40

Any costs exceeding these must be paid by the customer. To claim an adjustment refund, do the following:

1. Notify Fortune Suit by email at, within 5 business days of delivery that alterations are needed.

2. Take your garments to any local tailor.

3. Have the necessary adjustments made within 20 days of receiving your order.

4. Get a receipt from the tailor!

5. E-mail the receipt, including your order number, to

6. You will receive reimbursement for the alterations directly to the payment source you used for the original purchase of the suit.

2. If necessary adjustments are not possible, FortuneSuits will remake your garments.

To claim a remake, do the following:

1. Contact FortuneSuits at within 5 days of receiving your order once it's determined that your garments cannot be altered by your local tailor.

2. You will receive a link to schedule a Video Measuring Consultation with Fortune Suits.

3. You will receive a pre-paid shipping label via email. Garments must be returned to Fortune Suits within 5 business days of receiving the shipping label. 

4. If necessary adjustments are not possible, and you do not have enough time for the day of your event to have a remake made, FortuneSuits will provide you a 100% refund on the cost of your unworn garment once the original suit has been returned.

To claim a refund do the following:

1. Contact FortuneSuits at within 5 days of receiving your order to determine that your garments cannot be altered by a tailor. Also there will not be enough time for a re-make by Fortune Suits, per the event date you added on your initial order. You can be processed for a refund.

2. After getting the refund approved by FortuneSuits, send the garments you want refunded to Fortune Suits within 5 business days. A pre-paid label will be attached to the approval email. Once the unworn garments are received a refund will be issued and received by buyer within 15 business days to the payment system you used to place the original order or 30 business days if order was paid via a Buy Now/Pay Later platform (Klarna/Affirm) .

Returns and/or refunds that do not fall into any of the categories above will not be processed.